Outdoor Living Concepts:

New Construction Landscaping


It is never too early to start the design process. Our designers have the experience and vision to properly contour your property. This is important to minimize slopes, enable proper drainage, add privacy, and highlight outdoor entering areas. Beall's design team does more than focus on plantings. We will design your walkways, driveways, and patios so that they are functional and in scale with the house. We will also stop by the site to review the rough and final grade, so it works with the landscape plan.


Our recommendation… is to contact us during the early stage of construction. We like to start creating a plan as soon as the exterior walls are up. This makes it easier for the designer to see a clear perspective of the home.


The biggest mistake when building a home is to wait until the home is complete to contact a landscape designer. Beall's designs could take several weeks to get on paper. Also, the installation process could be delayed if materials are not in stock.



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