Outdoor Living Concepts:

Stone Work


Accent your outdoor space by incorporating natural stone elements, such as boulders and flagstone. Our team installs boulders as walls and incorporates them into the landscape on slopes and beds around the house. Boulders are a cost-effective way to create an edge at the bottom of a slope that prevents mulch from sliding into the lawn. Additionally, our landscape designer will incorporate ground covers and perennials that will complete a natural look.


Flagstone is ideal for creating a rustic walkway or patio. There are many ways our team can finish a flagstone walkway or patio. A material called polymeric sand will harden like mortar but flexes with the freeze and thaw cycle. Pea gravel can also be filled in between the cracks to create a natural look. Also, a natural look can be accomplished by inserting small ground cover plants in between the flagstone.



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