Our team completed phase one of this landscape project several years ago. The customer contacted us a few months after the construction of the home was completed. While the home had some basic landscape beds, the homeowner contacted us to give the front yard more of a custom look and create that WOW factor.

Our design team utilized all of their existing plants, relocating and transplanting them. Our nursery supplied mature plants to compliment the scale of the home. We designed the landscape to provide seasonal color and interest throughout the year. This landscape renovation created instant impact and curb appeal.

In late 2018, the homeowner contacted us with plans to put in a swimming pool. After several designs, the backyard project grew to incorporate a pool house with amenities like a bar, bathroom and dining area. This large space complimented the architecture of the home and created a focal point in the backyard. The pool house was designed to be utilized year-round.

Details were important to the homeowner. Our masonry team was able to match the existing stone veneer with the veneer in the pool house. A gabbled roof was built over the dining area to create a dramatic look. We created an extensive lighting plan to create an elegant look in the evening. Rough cut cedar planks were used vertically to create a natural backdrop to the bar and dining area. Custom, maintenance free columns were built with detailed trim to create a multi-dimensional look.

There were several challenges with this backyard project. One, was incorporating a material to compliment the large existing stamped concrete patio. After discussing the advantages of concrete pavers over regular poured concrete, the homeowner made the investment to use pavers as the pool deck and patio space. While the expense was higher than stamped concrete, the advantages outweighed the extra cost. The homeowner selected Unilock Bristol Valley Copper Ridge with Il Campo Mocha Border. With the size of the pool space, this was an important element in the overall design.

We designed the fence to enclose a large enough space around the pool to create an open feel. We included enough room for beautiful landscaping beds to mask the fence and make it disappear into the background. Our design team utilized several large existing trees and relocated them to create privacy. A wide assortment of hydrangeas, roses and other flowering perennials were installed to provide seasonal color in the backyard and around the pool.

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