Planting & Maintenance Tips

We have always looked up to our friends at Better Homes & Gardens for ways to make gardening a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Here are some top tips to consider before you begin:

  • Ask yourself how much time you realistically have each week to maintain your yard and gardens. Keep in mind that your lawn needs regular attention once or twice a week from the spring through fall seasons. If your time is limited, talk to us about scheduling a fall or spring cleanup. This will give you the time to dedicate to gardening or other outdoor activities that you really enjoy.

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  • Select a garden style that matches your house. Landscapes look better when they complement the architecture of your house. From cottage, bungalow, victorian, colonial, contemporary, or ranch, we can provide a design plan that accents the style of your house.

  • When choosing foliage perennials, consider both the color of the leaves and the color of the flowers. The leaves contribute to the color palette and sometimes last much longer than the flowers.

  • Edging plants provide a boundary between the garden and lawn, or walkway, supporting your overall landscape design.

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  • Planting areas close to the entrance of your home can create a natural invitation to visit! Consider a mixture of low shrubs, ground-covers, perennials and potted plants.

  • Consider ornamental grasses in your outdoor design. They provide a casual look and feel to a yardscape. They also bloom in late summer, adding a new color to your gardening palette!

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