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Beall's has been involved in thousands of new construction and renovation landscape projects in the past 30 years.

If you drive through new neighborhoods in Murrysville, Monroeville, Plum, Greensburg, Fox Chapel, Penn Trafford, and North Huntingdon you will see some of our work. Beall's has also expanded its landscaping installations to the Northern Suburbs of Pittsburgh: Wexford, Gibsonia, Allison park, Mars, Hampton Twp, Pine Twp, and Cranberry Twp.

New Construction Landscaping

It is never too early to start the design process. Our designers have the experience and vision to properly contour your property. This is important to minimize slopes, enable proper drainage, add privacy, and highlight outdoor entering areas. Beall's design team does more than focus on plantings. We will design your walkways, driveways, and patios so that they are functional and in scale with the house. We will also stop by the site to review the rough and final grade, so it works with the landscape plan.

Our recommendation is to contact us during the early stage of construction. We like to start creating a plan as soon as the exterior walls are up. This makes it easier for the designer to see a clear perspective of the home.

The biggest mistake when building a home is to wait until the home is complete to contact a landscape designer. Beall's landscape plans typically take 4-6 weeks to create, depending on the season. Also, the installation process could be delayed if materials are not in stock.

Hover over the images to see the finished landscape design.

Landscape Renovation

If your outdoor space is in need of a fresh renovation, rely on our trusted process for landscape renovations. Beall's designers will walk your property with you to review the areas that need updated. When we are walking the property, we will evaluate the property as a starting point for the renovation plan.


  • Existing plants we could transplant to another area
  • Existing plants that are too large to transplant and must be removed and disposed of
  • Locate any existing feature trees that would not be disturbed
  • Evaluate existing hardscape elements (walkway, patio, etc.) to determine if they fit within the new landscape or need to be enhance to create a more functional space
  • The slope of the yard and how we can design a more usable yard space while minimizing maintenance
  • The condition of your lawn

Beall's Nursery & Landscape has large plant material for your renovation, so your new landscape looks like it's been there for years.

Our recommendation: if your renovation has a lot of transplants, it is better to do the installation in the spring and fall. Your plant survival rate is much better in these seasons.

Beall's Landscaping

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Retaining Walls & Paver Patios

Our team of installers has over 30 years of experience in installing walls, walkways, patios, and driveways. Beall's Nursery & Landscaping has installed award-winning hardscaping and outdoor living projects in Pittsburgh. With today's trends, our customers are installing more than simple concrete walkways and patios. The concrete products we install are called "segmental retaining wall systems" and "interlocking paving systems".

The aesthetic advantage with concrete wall and pavers is the many different colors, shapes, and textures to choose from. We offer non-tumbled wall and paver stones that have clean lines and a sleek look. We also offer tumbled wall and paver stones that provide a more rustic and natural look. When selecting the style, shape and color of the material, our designers review the architectural style of the home and the feel that the homeowner is trying to achieve.

Natural Stone Work

Accent your outdoor space by incorporating natural stone elements.  Our team installs boulders as walls and incorporates them into the landscape on slopes and beds around the house. Boulders are a cost-effective way to create an edge at the bottom of a slope that prevents mulch from sliding into the lawn. Additionally, our landscape designer will incorporate ground covers and perennials that will complete a natural look.

Flagstone is ideal for creating a rustic walkway or patio. There are many ways our team can finish a flagstone walkway or patio. A material called polymeric sand will harden like mortar but flexes with the freeze and thaw cycle. Pea gravel can also be filled in between the cracks to create a natural look. Also, a natural look can be accomplished by inserting small ground cover plants in between the flagstone.

Stone veneer can be used to create a natural look for outdoor kitchens, fireplaces / pit and outdoor seating areas. Our stone products can match existing stone on your home or create a new natural look to compliment the design elements of your home.

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