We plan, you plant

Is there a specific area of your landscape that needs spruced up? Are you willing to do the work yourself, but stumped for ideas? We offer an ideal solution for the DIY gardeners.

A unique design service offered by Beall's Nursery, We Plan, You Plant is the perfect way to achieve a professionally designed landscape. If you would like to take advantage of our helpful service, we ask you to do the following:

Call ahead and set up an appointment with Vickey to meet at the nursery.
Bring in photos and measurements - and also make note of any height dimensions if there are any overlying structures or windows.
Know how many hours of sun and the type of drainage there is in each area. This will help us design with proper plants for each area.
Allow for one to three weeks for completion of the layout, depending on the season.

Beall's Nursery is here to assist our customers… from the planning to the planting!


Visit our nursery and garden center

on Saltsburg Rd in Plum


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