Homeowner contacted us late 2018 requesting that we design a grand backyard with multiple spaces for entertaining, dinning and enjoying time with friends and family. Their main request was a pizza oven because they enjoyed grilling and cooking for family and friends We installed a large Chicago brick oven using Unilock Brussels river blend with El Campo Mocha accents for the masonry work (pizza oven, bar and oversized fireplace).

For the paver patio, we used Unilock Bristol Valley Bavarian Blend to compliment the other hardscape work as well as the home. Our masonry team designed and built a 48” custom wood box to store the wood next to the oversized fireplace. As a focal point between the fireplace and pizza oven we installed a shear decent waterfall feature coming out of the masonry. Next to the pizza oven we installed a bar area for guests to gather along with a large prep area for the homeowner to make pizzas

Forty tons of Ohio stone boulders were installed to expand the yard and support the large patio space. The homeowner requested a unique gas fire feature, so we expanded on the idea creating a custom fire table with oversized cap for cocktails in the evening.

With the home on a high-side wooded lot tucked into the trees, our design incorporated native plantings to fill the landscaping space around the home. We created a large entertaining space in a small backyard.

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